Turkey arrests 51 foreign nationals who entered the country illegally

Fifty-one foreign nationals who entered Turkey illegally were arrested by gendarmerie forces in the districts of Seferihisar and Urla, in the western province of Izmir. Two suspects were arrested for organizing the illegal entries.

According to a statement from the Izmir governorate, eight Somali nationals, nine Congolese, three Afghans, one Yemeni, one Ethiopian, one Senegalese and five Djiboutians were arrested in Seferihisar while 23 others were arrested in Urla in two vehicles.

The foreign nationals were sent to the repatriation center after treatment.

Turkey has recently seen an increase in the number of refugees, especially from Afghanistan.

Concerns have grown about a possible spike in migrants from Afghanistan due to the United States’ withdrawal from the country after two decades.

Video footage has shown large groups of migrants in the area near the border with Iran, although the Turkish government says there has not yet been an increase in numbers.

Turkey, which hosts around 4 million refugees, is implementing new security measures at its eastern border, including a wall along parts of the 300-kilometer (186-mile) border. Afghans are considered the second largest refugee community in the country after Syrians.

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