Over 700 odd little castles abandoned in Turkey

“Little castles on the hillside / little castles made of sticky ticklish”
Photo: Chris McGrath (Getty Images)

Eternal judgment from the world’s most evil suburb immovable developers is for their ghosts be condemned forever to live in Burj Al Babas –their worried souls wander through a Turkish valley filled with a mesmerizing collection of abandoned mini-castles from McMansion.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of this strange world, Architectural summary possesses provided a good introduction on its history. The village of 732 empty small castles now called Burj Al Babas was created by the Yerdelen, a pair of real estate business brothers from a company called Sarot Group who years ago dreamed of attracting wealthy buyers to a landscape of European feudal dream of fortune near the Black Sea. .

Their idea was to attract wealthy buyers from the Gulf countries who wanted to “enjoy the Mediterranean climate on Gothic-style roof terraces overlooking the lush Turkish forest” from the location of Burj Al Babas near “the Roman spa town. of Mudurnu ”.

The project was well underway when the Turkish economy weakened after 2016 coup attempt and the national chaos that followed. TThe COVID pandemic has arrived and “investors and buyers have withdrawn their money from the $ 200 million project.” Ultimately, “the developers were forced to file for bankruptcy.” From now on, the castles, which were to be equipped with “underfloor heating and jacuzzis on all levels”, were left in permanent limbo. Landscaping work was never completed and the site is “now littered with abandoned building materials” and filled with “partially completed castles”.

Now Burj Al Babas, with its seemingly endless rows of almost identical small castles, is a warning to all the other real estate developers whose rich, wacky castle ambitions get them too close to the sun. “Don’t try to create that kind of suburban storybook hell,” the tormented spirits of the valley lament each night. “The only thing that awaits you on this path is ruin! And a lot of wasted plywood!

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