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A household name on the Oak Bay waterfront has been publicly named as the developer chosen by the district to redevelop Spewhung / Turkey Head.

Oak Bay Marine Group, which has operated Oak Bay Marina for decades, was announced Monday as the winning nominee in the selection process. The company and the Oak Bay District entered negotiations last week, in which the two sides mutually agreed to disclose the group’s name as the chosen developer for the project.

“We are delighted to have been selected,” Company CEO Brook Castelsky said in a statement. “Oak Bay has been our home for 60 years and we look forward to continuing to evolve and meet the needs of the community. “

The district made the selection at the end of May of promoter 1, but chose not to reveal the name until this week.

Oak Bay Marine Group has also given permission for the district to release its technical proposal. According to Section 1.3.1 of the proposal, the company hopes to transform the Turkey Head area into a destination that serves diverse uses and a broad demographics, promotes community, embraces environmental sustainability, and respects the historic ties of the Lekwungen peoples to the land. .

During negotiations, the district will reference public comments collected in spring 2021 as part of its request for proposals process. Relevant comments include responses to the questionnaire, contributions from the Committee of the Whole, letters and emails.

Negotiations are expected to last until March 2022. The district’s current contracts around Turkey Head, a lease with the province and a sublease for the Oak Bay Marina, expire in December 2022.

Before the district signs its next lease for the area, the Community Charter requires it to post a notice of intent and share details such as future rent amounts.

Oak Bay Mayor Kevin Murdoch said in a telephone interview that the district’s priorities for the new lease and development fell under the categories of technicality, community and finance. He said the district still has a lot of work to do to define its goals.

“I look forward to a productive discussion with Oak Bay Marine Group as we work on a final agreement that addresses the financial, environmental, social and public amenity goals that we have heard from the community,” Murdoch said in the communicated.

For more information on Turkey Head Drive, visit oakbay.ca/parks-recreation.

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The Oak Bay Marine Group hopes to attract large population, foster community and embrace environmental sustainability at Spewhung / Turkey Head. (Courtesy of Oak Bay Marine Group)

The Oak Bay District has begun negotiations for the Turkey Head area and will reference public comments collected in the spring of 2021. (Chris Foyd / D ?? Ambrosio architecture + urban planning, courtesy of the Oak Bay Marine Group )

The Oak Bay District has started negotiations for the Turkey Head area and will reference public comments collected in Spring 2021 (Chris Foyd / D’Ambrosio architecture + urbanism, courtesy Oak Bay Marine Group)

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