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BLUFFTON, SC (WSAV) — His last name is legendary. Now, a Bluffton cop is doing his part to make a name for himself with his big heart and generous spirit.

Students at Bluffton High School have been put on duty during their lunch hour to do work and ensure others will eat this holiday.

Two trucks are filled with donations. Dozens of turkeys were brought inside, headed to the freezer and eventually to the tables of people in town who need them most.

“Knowing that we can come together to do something other than write tickets or something like that,” Bluffton police officer Oscar Frazier said. “Knowing that we can reach out and be a resource when needed.”

The brainchild of Bluffton officer Oscar Frazier, the turkey drive began six years ago when schools couldn’t help students and families fill their tummies over the holidays.

This year, Frazier is putting nearly 200 birds in the freezer before going to homes in the area.

“Today I might have a turkey, but next year I might be in the position where I need help, I need help,” Frazier said. “So knowing that I can help others and the city can help others.”

This feeling is a good feeling that is shared by many in this donor community. All turkeys were donated by people who want to help.

“When you spread the word if you’re doing something, everyone wants to help but they need a leader and you got that with Oscar,” Tim Wood said.

The Frazier surname is legendary in the region. Now, the last Frazier is etching his name in the history books by protecting, serving and helping others.

“My dad has always been a huge help and a staple in the community, so I just wanted to carry on the tradition,” Frazier said. Knowing that I have the means to get to know people and the resources to bring people together. Any way I can help someone else can help is always important.

Frazier enlisted the help of his fellow Bluffton police officers to distribute the turkeys first to local schools for families who may need them. The rest will go to local charities to distribute to the remaining people to create a holiday feast.

Live News: Israel Accelerates Interest Rate Hike https://otelmoni.com/live-news-israel-accelerates-interest-rate-hike/ Mon, 21 Nov 2022 15:37:13 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/live-news-israel-accelerates-interest-rate-hike/

The United States is gearing up for Thanksgiving Day celebrations, so expect the traditional round of travel mayhem and stories of traffic jams in the days leading up to Thursday’s National Day. Then get ready for the economic analysis of the Black Friday sales figures the next day.

After about a week of international summits, President Joe Biden will be forced to talk turkey with a turkey (rather than other world leaders) this Monday as he embarks on the traditional holiday poultry pardon. – of course, others may choose to save a turkey due to escalating costs.

Across the Atlantic, where the pre-Christmas bird flu nightmare for Britain’s festive poultry farmers is deepening, the big constitutional event is the Supreme Court’s ruling – expected on Wednesday – on whether the Scottish parliament could call a second referendum on independence without the approval of the British government in Westminster.

Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon, who ironically has the first failed referendum to win the premiership to thank because it forced the resignation of her predecessor Alex Salmond, upped the ante by making an offer for IndyRef2.

Scottish independence campaigners attend a rally in Glasgow © Robert Perry/EPA-EFE

The court is expected to rule against Sturgeon’s proposal, which some say is his real aim, as it will stoke nationalist sentiment of grievance against Westminster ahead of the general election, due within the next two years.

UK business leaders will be able to speak out on UK policy at the CBI conference, which starts in Birmingham on Monday. Speakers include a ‘senior cabinet minister’, John Lewis Partnership Chair Sharon White and BT Group Chief Executive Philip Jansen.

Oh yes, and there is still football being played. Click for FT’s full coverage of Qatar.

Economic data

Flash G7 Purchasing Managers Index reports are the culmination of a light statistical calendar, thanks in large part to Thanksgiving. In addition, the OECD updates its economic forecasts on Tuesday.

Rate-setting intentions will be in the news again with November’s Federal Open Market Committee minutes showing how opinions are changing among US central bankers. Rate hikes are expected in South Korea, which is expected to increase by 25 basis points, and in South Africa, where an increase of 75 basis points is expected. Turkey is bucking this trend with an expected large drop of 150 basis points.


Just in time for the biggest retail event on the US calendar, we have a handful of earnings from US and UK retailers Best Buy, Abercrombie & Fitch, Halfords, Pets at Home and Mothercare.

The Ingka Group, which owns most of the Ikea stores globally, released full-year figures on Thursday, which will include the furniture retailer’s profits.

Read the full schedule for the week ahead here.

Gene drug is ‘only hope’ for Turkish child, but costs millions | Health https://otelmoni.com/gene-drug-is-only-hope-for-turkish-child-but-costs-millions-health/ Mon, 21 Nov 2022 06:43:21 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/gene-drug-is-only-hope-for-turkish-child-but-costs-millions-health/

Gebze, Turkey – Yusuf Polat is only five years old, but has accumulated enough health problems for his entire life.

He has scoliosis and a hole in his stomach, his bones and muscles have deteriorated so badly that he can’t walk, swallow or breathe properly, and he has to be strapped to seven devices when he sleeps.

Yusuf’s parents have already experienced this same nightmare. Her older sister, Melek, died when she was a year and a half from the same condition.

But this time, her parents have a plan.

Yusuf’s disease, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1, is a rare genetic condition, but now has a breakthrough drug that can halt disease progression in eligible babies and, in some cases, improve motor functions in a single dose. .

Yet the gene therapy, onasemnogene abeparvovec, marketed as Zolgensma, is also known as the world’s most expensive drug, at $2.1 million – a price that, with rampant inflation in Turkey, is becoming every less accessible day.

“Those who discovered this cure don’t make it a priority to help people, or cure children, or wipe disease off the face of the earth; they prioritize making money,” said Zeynep Ceylan, one of Yusuf’s “volunteer sisters” who met the family a few months ago during their fundraising campaign.

The company that owns the drug, Basel-based Novartis, has been criticized around the world for its prices. Novartis said it originally planned to set it at $4 million to $5 million, although a drug price watchdog said a fair price would have been between $310,000 and $900,000.

Novartis justified the price by arguing that it uses state-of-the-art technology and saves families a lifetime of doctor visits.

“With a single therapy, Novartis Gene Therapies is advancing the current Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) treatment paradigm, which is built around a chronic therapy that can cost healthcare systems tens of millions of dollars over the course of of a patient’s life,” a Novartis spokesperson said. told Al Jazeera.

He also points out that he has fewer potential buyers because SMA is a rare disease, affecting around one in 10,000 babies worldwide.

In Turkey, the rate is estimated at around one in 6,000. As a genetic condition, it is most common in children of related couples; these couples, like Yusuf’s parents, are also often the least able to afford treatment.

Yusuf Polat’s family used every means possible to raise money for his treatment, such as billboards displaying his bank account details. [Naomi Cohen/Al Jazeera]

‘A difficult situation’

Kayhan and Mensure Polat live in Gebze, one of Turkey’s manufacturing hubs, where Kayhan used to work in construction. He quit his job so he could keep up with fundraising and doctor visits, causing the family to lose their health insurance.

Yusuf, however, keeps a happy face for his guests and for the camera: his smile is plastered on billboards and cropped in online images that share his story and bank account number, to facilitate donations for the treatment of Yusuf. .

“We have to ask people for their money,” Mensure said. “Some give small amounts, others just pass by. It’s a very difficult situation.

When Yusuf’s parents launched the campaign last September, the equivalent of the negotiated price was around 16 million Turkish liras. Since then, the lira has fallen against the dollar, pushing the price to over 34 million lira ($1.83 million). As the pound continues to fall, their target continues to climb and the portfolios tighten.

“We can’t reach those who are better off,” Ceylan said. “If Yusuf had been the son of a parliamentarian, the campaign would have ended in a week.”

Some parents receive celebrities or politicians – like the mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu – to support their urges, and a group of them are working to meet the president. Without such connections, Yusuf’s campaign has focused on hosting concerts, holding stalls at transit centers, protesting outside Novartis headquarters, and running campaigns on his Instagram account, which counts now 22,000 subscribers.

The global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines has clearly shown that poorer countries, with less bargaining power, have a harder time negotiating prices and access. Patients from these countries must travel to countries authorized to administer the drug, and therefore pay extra for several months of accommodation.

In the United States, for example, the total price can reach 3 million dollars for those coming from abroad. Residents of the United States and a few dozen countries that have agreements with Novartis can have the treatment covered by their insurance.

No government approval

The Turkish Ministry of Health negotiated with Novartis in 2020, but the talks fell through.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca told the Turkish parliament’s budget committee last year that the ministry’s SMA scientific committee was still evaluating the drug’s effectiveness and had not received the information it requested from Novartis. .

“The sensitivity of the subject requires us to act with the utmost caution,” he said. “We cannot play with the hopes of these fragile lives.”

Turkey’s Health Ministry did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Fikri and Serpil Tezcan, whose son Yiğit was diagnosed with SMA type 1 when he was 60 days old, won a lawsuit last year to force Turkey to import gene therapy. While the agency that licenses drugs in Turkey has added Zolgensma to its list, the Tezcan family says the ministry continues to block its importation.

Instead of waiting, the couple went to Germany, where Yiğit could be treated for free since Serpil is a German citizen. Now three years old, Yiğit can hold his neck straight and learning to walk. His parents continue to fight for access to drugs in Turkey; this year they seized the European Court of Human Rights so that it is supported by the Turkish social security.

While Turkey already covers another SMA type 1 treatment, Spinraza, its effect only lasts for months before more doses are needed. Turkey also now covers genetic testing for couples about to marry, and if they are carriers of the gene, it covers their in vitro fertilization.

Yusuf’s parents have now been tested, as has their 11-year-old daughter. They said that Yusuf was only able to live so long because of Spinraza, which is why they waited before deciding to try gene therapy. Yet Yusuf is already three years past the recommended age for treatment. He was rejected by hospitals in the United States and Germany, but a hospital in Dubai said it would treat him as long as he remained below the 13.5 kg (30 lb) limit.

Until they achieve their goal, Mensure rations the milk she gives Yusuf using a syringe to keep him from gaining half a kilo.

If it had exceeded the limit, the provincial government would not have extended its fundraising campaign for a year.

Other families find it more difficult to content themselves with launching campaigns: the Ministry of Health does not recognize the effectiveness of Zolgensma, they can only launch them through legal proceedings.

“It was considered unfavorable to organize campaigns in our country to practice gene therapy, for which there is not yet enough evidence in terms of efficacy and safety,” Koca said in a statement. last year.

Asked about the Turkish minister’s claims, Novartis pointed to several studies that showed the effectiveness of Zolgensma. Although Novartis said it could not comment on Turkey’s regulatory processes, it said “regardless of the country” it aims to find “sustainable access solutions for transformative gene therapies like Zolgensma.” .

The Tezcan family’s lawyer, Mehmet Rıfat Bacanlı, has filed 15 lawsuits against the Ministry of Health for interrupting campaigns.

“The money these families collect is not sustainable, as the number of babies diagnosed is increasing every day,” Bacanlı said. Last year, he said he was aware of about 12 fundraising campaigns; this year, probably due to more genetic testing and awareness, he said there must be over 100.

More than a year after the start of their campaign, the Poles are finally close to the end. Yet even once they lift the full amount, the rest is uncertain. Dubai Hospital has yet to share details of the procedure; so far, they say, they’ve only talked about money.

“We don’t know what the drug will do,” Kayhan said. “But whatever it is, we want to have it. We must. We have no other choice. »

🌱 Turkey Frying Safety Demonstration + Tide Makes Governors’ Job Easier https://otelmoni.com/%f0%9f%8c%b1-turkey-frying-safety-demonstration-tide-makes-governors-job-easier/ Sun, 20 Nov 2022 02:13:00 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/%f0%9f%8c%b1-turkey-frying-safety-demonstration-tide-makes-governors-job-easier/

Rise and shine, Tuscaloosa! Grab the coffee, let the dog out, and catch your biggest headlines around town.

in today Dailywe have these stories and more…

  • Stillman Community Garden.
  • Northport Turkey Frying Safety Demonstration
  • Tide crushes the governors.

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The Good People of Calvary Baptist Church recently broke the church’s all-time record for Operation Christmas Child boxes for the second year in a row with 1,144.

Calvary Baptist

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The Salvation Army collects donations for Operation Turkey Drop | Local News https://otelmoni.com/the-salvation-army-collects-donations-for-operation-turkey-drop-local-news/ Sat, 19 Nov 2022 20:12:57 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/the-salvation-army-collects-donations-for-operation-turkey-drop-local-news/

The Salvation Army’s annual Operation Turkey Drop event is happening right now!

Corwin Ford has kindly offered to host the Operation Turkey Drop turkey drive at his dealership at 3600 Kietzke Lane from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on November 19.e.

They are accepting donations from the community which will provide Christmas meals to neighbors in need.

The community is invited to come to Corwin Ford during the campaign to donate any protein that will be distributed by The Salvation Army at its annual Christmas gift giveaway in December.

Although turkeys are preferred, the Salvation Army recognizes that they can be difficult to find and more expensive than some community members can afford to purchase as a charitable donation.

Thus, they will also take all proteins, including Christmas hams and chickens.

Corwin Ford and our other community partner, Helix Electric, will be making generous turkey donations to help kick off the event.

Washoe County Search and Rescue will be on hand throughout the day to help accept donations from the community.

“We are grateful to Corwin Ford and Helix Electric for their partnership in this important event,” said Maj. Darren Trimmer, Washoe County Coordinator of the Salvation Army. “Need knows no season, and the community of Washoe County always comes together to help The Salvation Army meet the needs of their neighbors who might otherwise go without.”

8 Affordable Alternatives to Expensive Holiday Foods https://otelmoni.com/8-affordable-alternatives-to-expensive-holiday-foods/ Fri, 18 Nov 2022 22:00:18 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/8-affordable-alternatives-to-expensive-holiday-foods/

Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock.com

Do you know how much your Thanksgiving dinner will cost you extra this year? CBS reported that historically, food prices have only increased 2% per year. This year, the United States government estimates that food prices will increase by 9.5% to 10.5%.

Holiday Spending: Get the best holiday shopping and saving tips
Learn More: If Your Credit Score Is Below 740, Take These 4 Moves

With double-digit percentage increases predicted for holiday staples including turkey, potatoes, stuffing and canned pumpkin, many households are looking for cheaper ingredients to help maintain dinner budgets. festivals. Check out these alternatives to more expensive holiday foods.

Instead of cooked ham, buy slices of smoked ham

The price of a Honey Baked or Spiral Sliced ​​Ham can cost anywhere from $25 to $75 or more. Families who buy ham for holiday meals often end up with far more than they need.

Instead of buying a whole ham, buy slices of smoked ham in the amount you need, said Matt Johnson, founder of Cook Like a Master. Johnson said the Simple Truth sliced ​​cured ham is currently $1.25 a pound at Kroger. Choosing to buy slices of smoked ham inside a whole ham can help you cut your costs in half.

Take our survey: Are you struggling to pay your utility bills?

Find a discount Turkey

If you shop at the wrong time, or at a grocery store or supermarket that has no deals, turkeys can be very expensive. Households don’t necessarily need to swap the turkey if they really want it for Thanksgiving. Instead, they have to search and find promotions.

Johnson uses the example of Kroger turkeys, which are currently 60% off with the purchase of $25 worth of groceries. Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is also offering a free turkey with the purchase of $50 worth of groceries.

Don’t live near one of these supermarket chains? If you’re a Costco member, consider getting Butterball Antibiotic-Free Boneless Turkey Breast the next time you shop. Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at DealNews.com, said while it’s not the cheapest Thanksgiving item — around $20 for just under 5 pounds of meat — it’s a solid choice for families looking for smaller turkeys.

Instead of holiday roasts, buy beef stew meat

Christmas roasts often use high-quality cuts of meat like tenderloin or sirloin, said Kelsey Lorencz, RDN, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant for Fin vs Fin. However, these cuts can cost between $10 and $30 per pound.

Instead, consider serving beef stew meat that has been slow-cooked all day or pressure-cooked. “It will be just as tender at a much better price,” Lorencz said.

Swap Charcuterie Board Ingredients

They’re an instant crowd pleaser with guests ready to snack before the big meal, but charcuterie boards can easily eat up $50-$100 off your budget if you decide to splurge on expensive cheeses and meats. artisanal.

Johnson recommends being financially savvy with the items you add to your charcuterie board. Replace the more expensive board staples with these alternative, inexpensive items that allow you to retain the snacking experience.

  • Skip the artisanal meats and opt for hard salami ($3.85/8 ounces at Aldi), Genoa salami ($3.75/8 ounces at Aldi) and Salame Italiano ($4.39/3 ounces at Aldi).

  • Swap cheese balls instead of fancy block cuts. “A sharp cheddar cheese ball and a port cheese ball will only cost you $2.19 each at Aldi,” Johnson said.

  • Instead of crostini, get an assortment of crackers like the Savoritz assortment ($3.85/13 ounces at Aldi).

  • Cut apple slices ($2.50 for two apples at Aldi) and space them around the tray for filling.

  • Add Honey Roasted Peanuts ($2.15 at Aldi) as a final addition to the whole platter.

“The total is $24.87 for a board that can provide five to six people with a happy snack before or during dinner,” Johnson said.

Instead of mixed nuts, make a snack mix

The mixed nut dishes not only go quickly with hungry guests, but they cost around at least 60 cents an ounce.

Instead, Lorencz recommends making a mix of savory snacks. Pair mixed nuts with budget-friendly ingredients like house brand crispy rice cereal and chocolate candies.

Opt for frozen berries instead of fresh

Make a dessert that requires fruit as a garnish? Consider replacing fresh berries with frozen berries. Frozen berries are already prepared to make the cooking experience easier and tend to be more affordable than fresh berries.

Skip Fresh for frozen vegetables too

Similar to buying frozen berries instead of fresh berries, see how many frozen vegetables you can get for nutritious holiday side dishes. Walmart, for example, sells Great Value frozen green beans for 88 cents a bag.

Swap sparkling apple cider for booze

If you’re worried that booze will add to the cost of your holiday dinner budget, consider getting a few bottles of sparkling apple cider.

Ramhold said shoppers can get four 25.4 fluid ounce bottles of sparkling cider for less than $13 at Costco. This festive drink can be enjoyed by everyone at the table and is a great alternative to wine or soda options.

More from GOBankingRates

This article originally appeared on GOBankingRates.com: 8 Affordable Alternatives to Expensive Holiday Foods

Social media celebrity faces 7 years in prison for throwing Turkish lira down the toilet in video https://otelmoni.com/social-media-celebrity-faces-7-years-in-prison-for-throwing-turkish-lira-down-the-toilet-in-video/ Fri, 18 Nov 2022 13:39:28 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/social-media-celebrity-faces-7-years-in-prison-for-throwing-turkish-lira-down-the-toilet-in-video/

Turkish prosecutors are seeking a prison sentence of more than seven years for a social media celebrity who was briefly detained in late October after posting a video on Instagram in which she flushed 100 TL ($5.37) down the toilet, l Demirören news agency (DHA) reported on Friday.

“People throw money into streams and fountains in Europe, [and] nothing happens. Is it a crime because I put 100 liras in the sewers of my beautiful country? Mika Can Raun said in response to people who asked her why she flushed the money down the toilet in the video posted on October 21.

According to the DHA, the internet personality is accused of having “insulted the memory of Atatürk”, the founder of Turkey, and of having “degraded the symbols of state sovereignty”.

Law 5816, titled “The Law Concerning Crimes Committed Against Atatürk”, in the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) protects “the memory of Atatürk” from insults by any Turkish citizen. An attack on the memory of Atatürk is punishable by up to three years in prison.

Raun’s Instagram post comes at a time when the pound has lost more than half its value against the dollar in the past year alone and has been the worst performer in emerging markets for several consecutive years largely due economic and monetary policy concerns under President Recep Tayyip. Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) government. The lira traded at 18.62 to the US dollar on Friday, down more than 28% year-to-date.

A Freedom House annual report on global internet freedom revealed in October that internet freedom continued to decline for the fourth consecutive year in Turkey and that thousands of online users, including members of the political opposition, were the subject of criminal proceedings for their activities on social networks. during the period covered.

Between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022, the reporting period, pro-government “troll rings” orchestrated smear campaigns against outspoken activists, and prominent journalists were victimized. physical violence for their online reporting, said Freedom House, adding that Turkey was rated as “Not Free”, scoring 32 points out of 100, up from 34 the previous year.

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Hundreds receive Thanksgiving meals during Turkey Day event https://otelmoni.com/hundreds-receive-thanksgiving-meals-during-turkey-day-event/ Fri, 18 Nov 2022 02:09:10 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/hundreds-receive-thanksgiving-meals-during-turkey-day-event/

Nov. 17 – Crowds of St. Joseph residents showed up Thursday to receive a hearty Thanksgiving dinner as part of the Second Harvest Community Food Bank’s 12th Annual Turkey Day.

Around 700 vouchers were distributed in the weeks leading up to the event. Cars lined up at the food bank and showed off these vouchers to receive a holiday meal with all the trimmings. They received a turkey, potatoes, produce and more to help them plan a Thanksgiving dinner.

Mackenzie Osborn, communications coordinator for Second Harvest, said that given the current state of the economy, she likes that Second Harvest can help people in difficulty.

“Turkey Day is really important to us because there are a lot of families in our community who we know couldn’t have a Thanksgiving dinner without it,” Osborn said. “So it’s really good for us to be able to provide that to those families. This year in particular, we’ve had a lot more calls than normal from families asking if we’re providing something for Thanksgiving. So I think that is going to be even more crucial than all the years we’ve done this before.”

Jamey McVicker, the city’s deputy fire chief, was volunteering with the St. Joseph Fire Department. He said firefighters are often only around community members in upsetting situations, so Thursday’s giveaway was a good opportunity for them to show their support in other ways.

“For us as firefighters, people…usually see us when they need us, which means there’s an emergency and they’re having a really bad day. So for them to see us here in a good time…we just want to give back,” McVicker said. “It’s just an event that brings everyone together and just that camaraderie with that spirit of the holidays.”

Mickayla Krumme, a volunteer with Stroud and Associates Real Estate, said she thought Turkey Day was a fantastic way for the community to come together.

“It’s a great opportunity to just help people,” Krumme said. “Some people aren’t as lucky as others, and it’s just a really good opportunity to go out and, you know, help people with whatever they need, especially food needs and things like that. So it’s fantastic. And we really love helping out and we love doing that every year.”

Second Harvest also distributed 500 turkeys and boxes in Leavenworth, Kansas, this week and will have another 150 in Chillicothe, Missouri on Nov. 20-22.

Osborn said the most beneficial part of Turkey Day is seeing the happiness of those who receive the meals.

“It’s great for me to be able to deliver anything because when people cross the line you can really see that they appreciate what we’re doing and it makes all the staff helping with that feel really good. “, says Osborn.

Preview: Turkey vs Czech Republic – prediction, team news, line-ups https://otelmoni.com/preview-turkey-vs-czech-republic-prediction-team-news-line-ups/ Thu, 17 Nov 2022 07:49:03 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/preview-turkey-vs-czech-republic-prediction-team-news-line-ups/ Sports Mole previews Saturday’s international friendlies clash between Turkey and Czech Republic, including predictions, team news and possible line-ups.

Turkey and the Czech Republic will both be looking to end 2022 on a high note when they face off at Gaziantep Stadium in Saturday’s international friendly.

The Crescent-Stars opened the month with a 2-1 victory against Scotland on Wednesday night, while their visitors beat the Faroe Islands to five unanswered.

Match Preview

© Reuters

The name Ozan Kabak hasn’t been heard from for a while by those invested in the Premier League, but the 22-year-old began to develop a penchant for goalscoring at Hoffenheim and continued that theme in the 2-1 Premier League win. Turkey v Scotland midweek.

The former Liverpool and Norwich City centre-back opened the scoring before half-time, and another former Premier League star in Cengiz Under doubled his side’s lead within four minutes of the restart before John McGinn made things interesting with half an hour to play.

However, McGinn’s strike would only prove a consolation as Stefan Kuntz won his fifth victory in nine games in charge of Turkey, who have recovered well from their failure to beat lowly Luxembourg and the Faroe Islands in their last two Nations League games.

The Crescent-Stars won’t be at Qatar 2022, but they’ve been heavily involved in the World Cup conversation nonetheless, with predictions already made about which team will be ‘Turkey at Euro 2020’ this winter and performance well below expectations.

The hosts’ path to Euro 2024 is far from straightforward as Kuntz’s side prepare to face Croatia, Wales, Latvia and Armenia in qualifying next year, but scoring more than two goals per game on average during Kuntz’s short tenure is a surefire recipe. for success.

Czech coach Jaroslav Silhavy reacts on June 27, 2021© Reuters

While Turkey suffered a shock 2-1 loss to the Faroe Islands in Nations League action just two months ago, the Czech Republic had no problem dispatching the 122nd-ranked nation in the world in their midweek friendly, claiming a 5-0 triumph.

A privileged moment for Mojmir Chytil saw the 23-year-old score a hat-trick on his national team debut – with his three efforts before the 23rd minute – before Vaclav Cerny put the icing on the cake and Patrizio Stronati added the icing on the cake.

Such a resounding success was the perfect way to Jaroslav Silvavyto respond to their recent Nations League relegation, although few predicted the Czechs would perform miracles against Switzerland, Portugal and Spain, as their spell in League A ended after just one year.

Failure to qualify for the World Cup means the Czech Republic have been without an appearance on the biggest stage since 2006, but they have made every edition of the Euros as an independent nation and will fight alongside Poland, Moldova, Albania and recent foes Faroe Islands in qualifying for the 2024 edition.

Victory over the Faroe Islands extended the visitors’ unbeaten streak in friendlies to a respectable five, but they have lost their last two games to Turkey 2-0 each time, more recently succumbing to superior Crescent-Stars at Euro 2016.

Form of Turkey’s international friendlies:

Turkey form (all competitions):

Form of Czech Republic international friendlies:

Czech Republic form (all competitions):

Team News

Patrik Schick of Bayer Leverkusen celebrates his fourth goal against Greuther Fuerth on December 4, 2021© Reuters

Turkey didn’t emerge unscathed from win over Scotland as winger Ferdi Kadioglu went off with an apparent back injury in the first half, which he first tried to get rid of before having to be substituted.

Eren Elmali should be preparing to replace the hosts’ left side this week, and Kuntz has also removed the Feyenoord starlet Orkun Kokcu at half-time on Wednesday, but the 21-year-old’s withdrawal would have been tactical.

With players set to benefit from a lengthy break during the impending World Cup, Kuntz shouldn’t shy away from presenting another strong line-up here, but Salih Ozcan and Kerem Akturkoglu are two useful options for rotation.

By contrast, the Czech Republic suffered no new injury problems in their win over the Faroe Islands, but the star striker Patrick Schick did not rejoin the team after failing to recover from injury in time.

Moreover, Schick’s teammate at Bayer Leverkusen Adam Hlozek was not allowed to leave his national duties to take part in the friendlies in November, while players representing Slavia Prague and Sparta Prague are still with their club teams due to the impending round of Czech Cup matches .

As such, a relatively inexperienced crop of internationals will take to the pitch at Gaziantep Stadium, but the recognizable partnership of Tomas Soucek and Alex Kral should be seen in the midfield.

Possible starting line-up for Turkey:
Cakir; Soyuncu, Kabak, Ozkacar; Celik, Calhanoglu, Kokcu, Elmali; Sub, Unal, Akturkoglu

Possible starting line-up from the Czech Republic:
Pavlenka; Coufal, Zima, Brabec, Zmrhal; Soucek, Kral; Cerny, Barak, Navratil; Chytil

SM words green background

We say: Turkey 2-0 Czech Republic

Despite missing two of their strongest strikers, the Czech Republic still pride themselves on being international in midfield and defense, and Chytil’s confidence could hardly be higher after announcing himself to the national team with a triple.

However, a fully-fledged Turkish side with a taste for goals under Kuntz is quite a different story from the Faroe Islands, and we can only envision the Crescent-Stars ending the year with a win.

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Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro accuses his own former campaign consultant of large-scale voter fraud https://otelmoni.com/pennsylvania-ag-josh-shapiro-accuses-his-own-former-campaign-consultant-of-large-scale-voter-fraud/ Wed, 16 Nov 2022 19:34:45 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/pennsylvania-ag-josh-shapiro-accuses-his-own-former-campaign-consultant-of-large-scale-voter-fraud/

Pennsylvania’s governor-elect rose to prominence by downplaying Republican voter fraud fears

Pennsylvania Attorney General Joshua Shapiro/Facebook

Chuck Ross • November 16, 2022 2:30 p.m.

Pennsylvania Governor-elect Josh Shapiro, who has gained notoriety for downplaying Republican allegations of voter fraud, accused one of his former campaign consultants of “large-scale” ballot tampering on Wednesday.

Shapiro, in his capacity as Attorney General of Pennsylvania, alleges that Philadelphia political consultant Rasheen Crews duplicated more than 1,000 signatures on petitions to add his clients to the Democratic primary ballots for the 2019 Philadelphia mayor elections.

“By soliciting and organizing the large-scale forgery of signatures, the defendant undermined the democratic process and the right of Philadelphians to a free and fair election,” Shapiro said in a statement announcing the charges.

The announcement of the indictment just a week after the gubernatorial election could raise questions for Shapiro, who was a vocal critic of Republicans who questioned the results of Pennsylvania’s 2020 election. According to an arrest affidavit, Shapiro’s office opened an investigation into Crews in September 2019. It’s unclear why it took three years to bring charges against him.

Crews has consulted with dozens of national and local candidates over the years, according to campaign finance disclosures. Shapiro’s attorney general’s campaign paid Crews $2,000 in 2016, according to the Pennsylvania Campaign Finance Database.

Crews’ customers denied knowledge of the infringement scheme, according to the affidavit. Crews allegedly hired individuals to forge signatures so that his clients would be listed on Democratic primary ballots for the Philadelphia mayoral elections. He had the ballot applications notarized and then filed them with the Pennsylvania Department of State.

James Berardinelli, who hired Crews to obtain signatures for a legal campaign, told Shapiro’s office that he was unaware that Crews had included fake signatures on his ballot petition.

Federally, Rep. Dwight Evans (D., Pa.) has paid Crews $19,075 for a variety of services since 2016. The campaign paid Crews $800 in May to serve as a poll worker, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission. Evans hired crews for grassroots organizing, “voter contact” and “petitions” in the 2016 and 2018 cycles. Evans was elected in a special election in 2016 to replace former Rep. Chaka Fattah (D., Pa.), who resigned from Congress in June 2016 after his conviction for fraud and racketeering.

The Philadelphia chapter of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers paid Crews $50,625 between 2014 and 2016, according to campaign disclosures. The Justice Department accused the union last year of waging a campaign of intimidation against rank-and-file members since at least 2014 to force them to vote for incumbent union leaders.

Shapiro and Evans’ offices did not respond to requests for comment.