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WASHINGTON, June 25 (Reuters) – U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo visited Turkey this week where he discussed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the enforcement of sanctions imposed on Moscow, the Treasury Department said in a statement Saturday.

Adeyemo visited Turkey from Wednesday to Friday, the Treasury said, meeting officials from the foreign and treasury and finance ministries in Ankara and holding talks with financial institutions in Istanbul.

The Treasury said Adeyemo had discussed with financial institutions the implementation and enforcement of Western sanctions imposed on Russia following its Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, which killed or injured people. thousands of people.

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“All parties expressed a desire to ensure that Turkey is not used as a haven for illicit finance and that the integrity of its banking sector continues to be protected,” the statement said.

Washington and its allies have imposed several rounds of sanctions targeting Moscow since its invasion of Ukraine, including against the country’s biggest lenders and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Since the start of what it calls a special operation to demilitarize Ukraine, Russia has bombed cities to the rubble and bodies of civilians have been found in towns where its forces have withdrawn. He denies having targeted civilians and claims, without proof, that signs of atrocities were staged.

Kyiv criticized Turkey’s reluctance to impose sanctions on Russia since the invasion, but also thanked Ankara for its diplomatic and military support to end the war, including hosting officials from both sides for peace talks. peace.

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Reporting by Daphne Psaledakis Editing by Alistair Bell

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Turkish lira rate in Pakistan – June 25, 2022 https://otelmoni.com/turkish-lira-rate-in-pakistan-june-25-2022/ Sat, 25 Jun 2022 00:52:48 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/turkish-lira-rate-in-pakistan-june-25-2022/

Turkish lira rate in Pakistan – June 25, 2022

TRY to PKR – Today the Turkish Lira rate in Pakistan on June 25, 2022 is Rs.12:41 p.m. This is the interbank closing exchange rate of Turkish Lira to Pakistani Rupee, which is provided daily by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

Interbank Turkish Lira (TRY) against Pakistani Rupee (PKR) Closing exchange rate is Rs 12:41 p.m. .

TRYTO PKR: Turkish lira rate in Pakistan

Below you can check the exchange rate of Turkish Lira in PKR (Pakistani Rupee) to Turkish Lira in Pakistan today June 25, 2022.

Turkish lira to today’s PKR

The Turkish Lira Rate in Pakistan Recognized by two names: the buy rate and the sell rate. Apart from this, the international banks are sole owners of the currency conversion rate in the global market, while the Central Bank will regulate the national currency and maintain a balance between the buying and selling of goods by monitoring the fixing of exchange rates . The State Bank of Pakistan is the central bank of Pakistan and sets the exchange rate daily.

Importance of Turkish Lira rate in Pakistan

The dollar, also known as the Turkish lira TRY, is the official currency of Turkey. The exchange rates on this page are obtained from various money market sources.

Pakistan and Turkey agree to end human trafficking – Latest News – The Nation https://otelmoni.com/pakistan-and-turkey-agree-to-end-human-trafficking-latest-news-the-nation/ Fri, 24 Jun 2022 01:08:26 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/pakistan-and-turkey-agree-to-end-human-trafficking-latest-news-the-nation/

ISLAMABAD — Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan and his Turkish counterpart agreed on Thursday to end illegal immigration and human trafficking from Pakistan to Turkey.

Both parties agreed that it was their common goal to end this threat and decided that action would be taken against the elements involved. The two counterparts also accepted the proposal to establish a hotline between the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Turkish Immigration Authority to stop human trafficking.

Speaking to Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu in a conference call, Rana Sanaullah said Turkey has always helped Pakistan in its most difficult situations. He said Pakistan was committed to strengthening “the excellent economic and trade relationship with Turkey.

During the conversation, the Turkish Interior Minister hailed Pakistan’s efforts to end illegal immigration and human trafficking and said better institutional coordination between the two countries would further prevent this. illegal activity. Rana Sanaullah invited his counterpart to a visit to Pakistan to which he gave his consent.

Saudi tour cements security positions and sees crown prince’s return to center stage https://otelmoni.com/saudi-tour-cements-security-positions-and-sees-crown-princes-return-to-center-stage/ Thu, 23 Jun 2022 16:06:22 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/saudi-tour-cements-security-positions-and-sees-crown-princes-return-to-center-stage/

Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, met formally this week with leaders from Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. His goal, analysts say, is to unify their positions on security issues, such as growing concerns about Iran.

Improving economic cooperation and strengthening bilateral relations with oil-producing Saudi Arabia were also part of the visits, analysts said, as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine continue to unfold. wreak havoc.

Bin Salman’s visits to the region this week, analysts say, signal his desire for recognition on the world stage and an end to years of international isolation following the 2018 murder and dismemberment of Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, whose personal identity the prince denied. participation. US President Joe Biden called Saudi Arabia a “pariah” during his campaign, but the two countries are historic allies.

Jordanian analyst Amer al-Sabaileh told VOA that Russia’s war in Ukraine, while driving up oil prices and causing food shortages around the world, has opened up Saudi Arabia’s “changes in the rules of engagement with the American administration”. Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter and the strategic political linchpin of the Middle East.

A nonresident fellow at the Washington-based Stimson Center, al-Sabaileh said Biden’s attendance at a July 16 summit in Jeddah, bringing together the leaders of the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries as well as those of Jordan, Egypt and Iraq, gives MBS, as Bin Salman is known, “some kind of credit” and ability to help set the regional agenda, particularly on Iran and Israel. Saudi Arabia is one of the GCC members.

“Obviously he wants to pave the way for his regional presence and bring back this old issue of Sunni [axis] in the face of Iran, the danger of Iran,” al-Sabaileh said. “Then he has another important card he wants to play politically: the relationship with Israel. If you have the Emiratis and Bahrainis in the Abraham Accords and you don’t have Saudi Arabia, there is nothing. Without Saudi Arabia as the representative of the Sunni world, it doesn’t work.

The United States brokered the Abraham Accords in 2020, normalizing diplomatic and economic relations between Israel and the Gulf states of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Neither country had ever been at war with Israel, unlike Egypt and Jordan, which signed peace treaties with the Jewish state in 1979 and 1994 respectively.

Jordanian political commentator Osama al-Sharif told VOA that Jordan “is a little worried about the summit agenda” if it means preparing “an anti-Iranian alliance” of Sunni Muslim states because it could undermine the moderate position of the country. Jordan, a key US ally, is also a longtime champion of the two-state solution to end the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In a joint statement Wednesday after Bin Salman’s visit with King Abdullah of Jordan, the two leaders stressed their support for international efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons as well as to curb “destabilizing activities”. of Iran in Arab countries, such as Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

As a swing oil producer with money to invest, Al Sharif says Bin Salman is using Saudi funds to fund projects in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, all of which are suffering severe economic downturns due to the pandemic. of COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine.

“Economically, Saudi Arabia is a very important backer to Jordan, the biggest investor with around $10 billion to $13 billion in investments in the country,” al-Sharif said. “A $3 billion fund has been very active, signing memorandums of understanding [memoranda of understanding] when it comes to investing in the Jordanian railway system, in start-ups, in new businesses. In Cairo, they signed agreements [worth] $7.7 billion.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey sign agreements on energy, security and the economy, including a plan for Saudi funds to enter capital markets in Turkey, according to Reuters. Turkey is going through its worst economic crisis in two decades.

Some analysts believe that Washington could encourage Arab states to take a bigger role in defending themselves and working in coordination with Israel to counter the persistent threats posed by Iran. But Khaled Shneikat, the head of the Jordanian Political Science Society, told online publication Middle East Eye that “countries in the region are likely to demand a greater security role for the United States” when Summit.

Turkey introduces new rules on the use of geographic data https://otelmoni.com/turkey-introduces-new-rules-on-the-use-of-geographic-data/ Thu, 23 Jun 2022 10:24:07 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/turkey-introduces-new-rules-on-the-use-of-geographic-data/

The law amending environmental law and other laws (“Right“) was published in the Official Gazette on June 15, 2022. The law introduces significant amendments to Law No. 7221 amending the law on geographic information systems and other laws.

Recent development

Within the framework of the law, the upper limit of the fee for the geographical authorization regulated by the law amending the law on geographical information systems and other laws has been clarified, and the certification/certification obligations registration regarding software, sensors and hardware that collect geographic data, as well as administrative penalties, have been regulated.

The law is available online here (in Turkish).

What’s new?

The main changes introduced by the law are as follows:

  • Free sharing of data with institutions, organizations and universities within the framework of cooperation for revenue sharing in the field of data mining and generation of new data, as well as the collection, production, the sharing or selling of geographical data in the National Geographic Data Matrix of Turkey by natural and legal persons, must comply with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.
  • The right of the permit to be obtained from the Ministry of the Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change (“Ministry“) shall not exceed the equivalent in Turkish lira of 100,000 times the permit fee per sheet determined for domestic and foreign natural and legal persons.
  • The software must be certified under the Geographic Information System by the Ministry. Certificate fees will be determined and published annually by the ministry. Procedures and principles regarding certificates will be regulated by the ministry.
  • Sensors and equipment that collect geographic data must be electronically registered in the system to be put in place by the ministry. Registration and certification requirements are not required for software, sensors and hardware that operate in the field of defence, security and intelligence.
  • The amendments regulate in detail the administrative fines to be applied in case of violation of the obligations stipulated in the law amending the law on geographical information systems and other laws. In this context, if the authorization of geographical data is not obtained within three months from the date of application of the administrative fine, an additional administrative fine of TRY 100,000 will be implemented for each detention of use without a certificate. The administrative fine can be challenged before the competent administrative court within 30 days. This decision will be final.
  • Within the framework of the cooperation with the ministry, natural and legal persons can obtain a license from the ministry to collect, produce, share, sell, generate and exploit geographic data in the Turkey Geographic Data Responsibility Matrix.


In accordance with the law, the upper limit has been set for the collection, production, transfer and sale of geographic data and the obligations regarding the license and certificate to be obtained by those who will engage in such activities have been regulated. With the amendments, the administrative sanctions to be imposed in case of violation were also regulated. Stakeholders should closely follow the amendments and secondary regulations to be issued by the ministry regarding procedures and principles.

The content is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended and should not be construed as legal advice. This may qualify as “lawyer advertising” requiring notice in some jurisdictions. Prior results do not guarantee similar results. For more information, please visit: www.bakermckenzie.com/en/client-resource-disclaimer.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey Return to Path of Partnership Amid New Middle East Realities https://otelmoni.com/saudi-arabia-and-turkey-return-to-path-of-partnership-amid-new-middle-east-realities/ Wed, 22 Jun 2022 19:07:51 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/saudi-arabia-and-turkey-return-to-path-of-partnership-amid-new-middle-east-realities/

Before the ascension of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, before the various cleavages in the Middle East exploded to the fore, there was an incipient golden period of relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

In April 2016, Saudi King Salman visited Turkey and enjoyed ceremonial pomp and splendor that was extravagant even by glitzy Middle Eastern standards, as the two new nations headed for a powerful partnership as regional military and economic hegemons.

Now, after six years of recriminations, blockades, boycotts and proxy wars — all clouded by the brutal 2018 murder of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi — the two nations appear to be back on the path to partnership.

Prince Mohammed visited Turkish President Erdogan in Ankara on Wednesday, the first full state visit by a Saudi leader to Turkey in more than six years and the highest-level visit by a Riyadh official since the murder. by Mr. Khashoggi.

The 36-year-old was greeted by Mr Erdogan at the main entrance to the presidential compound in Ankara with a 21-gun salute and blue-uniformed guards on horseback carrying the green flag of Saudi Arabia and the red flag of Turkey.

President Erdogan welcomes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to Ankara with a guard of honor

(AFP via Getty Images)

Prince Mohammed smiled as he kissed Mr Erdogan, far from the comments he would have made in 2018 in which Turkey was part of a “triangle of evil” that included Iran and extremist Islamist groups.

According to a joint statement issued Wednesday evening just before Prince Mohammed’s departure from the country, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have agreed to boost exchanges in a wide range of sectors, including tourism, real estate, transport, agriculture, high technology and health, as well as in the key areas of energy and petrochemicals.

The two countries also agreed to strengthen defense cooperation and increase commercial flights.

The crown prince’s visit came a day before Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss traveled to Ankara for security talks. Turkey plans to buy Eurofighter Typhoon warplanes produced by a British, German, Spanish and Italian consortium.

Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler and heir to the kingdom’s throne and oil wealth arrived in Ankara after visits to Egypt and Jordan. The visit to the Turkish capital included a full state dinner and a 90-minute private tete-a-tete between the two leaders.

In keeping with Prince Mohammed’s apparent disdain for journalists, there was no joint press conference.

Saudi Arabia has reportedly signed a $10bn (£8.1bn) currency swap deal with Turkey to bolster Ankara’s reserves, alongside announcing investments in the sectors of health, energy, food, defence, tourism and real estate, according to news reports.

For both countries, friendly ties mean more trade and influence as the United States continues a years-long path to exit from the Middle East.

“There are new openings,” said Guven Sak, an economist who heads Tepav, a think tank. “A new situation is emerging.”

Turkey’s president extended a warm welcome to Saudi leaders despite recent tensions

(AFP via Getty Images)

This new reality includes the Abraham Accords, a series of US-backed diplomatic agreements binding certain Arab countries to Israel without addressing Palestinian concerns.

It also includes a US reversal on Saudi Arabia. President Joe Biden’s administration initially vowed to keep its distance from Saudi Arabia over its human rights abuses and war in Yemen. But that has now changed course and Mr Biden is due to travel to Riyadh next month to pay tribute to King Salman and his heir.

It follows rapprochements between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, a loyal partner of Turkey, as well as an easing of tensions over Libya between Ankara and the United Arab Emirates, a partner of Riyadh.

Regional powers are seeing the emergence of a new economic and security order in the Middle East and other regional players, with lucrative new energy and transport connections designed to circumvent Russia and the war in Ukraine, and are jostling to be part of it, or at least not be excluded from it.

New business ideas are surfacing, Sak said.

“With the Israeli innovation capacity, with the Turkish manufacturing hub and with the Gulf capital, there is an opportunity to diversify their economies,” he said.

More immediately, the Turks talk about the potential for Saudi investment in the country’s struggling economy, which is suffering from record inflation and stagnant wages, as well as access to cheap energy in exchange for supplying Riyadh of security devices. Saudi Arabia sees a chance to boost the kingdom’s stature as a regional diplomatic force, with Mr Khashoggi’s case behind it.

A protester holds a poster with a picture of Jamal Khashoggi outside the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul in 2018


“As far as Saudi Arabia is concerned, we had good relations in the past and those good relations were overshadowed by the Khashoggi case,” Sak said. Already strained relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey crumbled after the October 2018 abduction, torture, murder and dismemberment of The Washington Post journalist Mr. Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul at the hands of a 15-man team that included members of Prince Mohammed’s personal entourage.

As Turkey increased pressure on Riyadh over the murder, Saudi Arabia imposed a boycott of Turkish products, a restriction that was lifted after the Turkish judiciary suspended its investigation into Mr Khashoggi’s murder. Authorities reassigned the Istanbul judge who had opposed the decision to a remote province just days before the crown prince’s visit.

Some Turks find it hard to swallow the new relationship with Saudi Arabia. “God willing, [Prince Mohammed] will loosen his purse strings a bit and bless us with dollars and loans,” columnist Emin Colasan wrote in the Turkish newspaper Sozcu tuesday. “But if I was [Erdogan] I asked him: “You killed your own citizen in the building of your consulate in Istanbul. Well, have you ever been ashamed? What have you done with the killers?’

Could Turkey Earn US$3 Billion From Medical Travel? https://otelmoni.com/could-turkey-earn-us3-billion-from-medical-travel/ Wed, 22 Jun 2022 08:52:23 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/could-turkey-earn-us3-billion-from-medical-travel/

Turkey hopes to see medical tourism generate US$3 billion in revenue as the numbers increase.

Local and international companies see potential for the Turkish healthcare system linked to medical tourism.

The field of application is much wider than cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, facelifts, or slimming with detox programs. Many hospital departments, such as those offering oncology, cardiology, and organ transplant services, attract foreigners from all over the world seeking treatment in the country.

While European numbers may be lower, Russian numbers are expected to rise as Turkey has air travel and is one of the few countries hosting Russian citizens. Figures from Israel may be affected by the state warning citizens to stay away due to intelligence (which may or may not be true) of possible terrorist attacks.

According to official TURKSTAT data, 662,000 medical tourists visited Turkey in 2019, generating $1.65 billion in revenue. Due to the 2020 pandemic, the number dropped to 388,000 with revenue of $549 million. In 2021, 642,000 medical tourists brought in $1.49 billion. In the first quarter of 2022, there were 285,000 medical tourists generating revenues of US$332 million.

The most preferred clinical treatments by foreign patients were gynecological diseases and birth, internal diseases, eye diseases, medical microbiology, general surgery, dentistry, orthopedics and traumatology, infectious diseases and otolaryngology.

Some local professionals say TURKSTAT’s data on medical tourism is not accurate, saying the state is not aware of full medical tourism figures, which are expected to include 750,000 hair transplants. Applying this argument then leads to an estimate in 2021 of 1.27 million medical tourists, double the number shared by TURKSTAT.

Inbound medical travel to Turkey could now generate US$3 billion in revenue. The logic is that hair transplant tourists each spend US$3,000, while medical tourists pay US$7,500 to US$100,000 for organ transplants and cancer treatments. The industry expects patient numbers and revenues to increase by 30-40% in 2022.

Wildfire in southwestern Turkey evokes memories of last year’s fires https://otelmoni.com/wildfire-in-southwestern-turkey-evokes-memories-of-last-years-fires/ Tue, 21 Jun 2022 20:25:05 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/wildfire-in-southwestern-turkey-evokes-memories-of-last-years-fires/

CAIRO: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Tuesday received Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, visiting Cairo as part of a foreign tour that will also take him to Jordan and then Turkey.

El-Sisi and the Crown Prince discussed ways to strengthen Saudi-Egyptian relations in various fields, as well as regional and international political issues of common interest.

The spokesperson for the Egyptian presidency said the talks came “within the framework of the deep and historic strategic partnership between Cairo and Riyadh, which aims to achieve security, stability, development and peace with a vision united for the benefit of the two countries, the two brotherly peoples, and the Arab and Islamic nations”.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt on Tuesday signed 14 agreements worth a total of $7.7 billion. They cover vital economic sectors such as energy, information technology, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, cybersecurity, food, ports and logistics.

Among the most important transactions, Ajlan Bros. Holding Group and the Arab Group for Supply Chains signed an agreement for the construction of the Egyptian oil storage center; AquaPower has signed an agreement with the Egyptian Electricity Holding Co. to generate 1,100 megawatts of clean energy; and Ajlan Bros. and Sami Saad Group have signed an agreement to invest in renewable energy and water desalination.

USD/TRY surges to new 2022 highs after 5:30 p.m. https://otelmoni.com/usd-try-surges-to-new-2022-highs-after-530-p-m/ Tue, 21 Jun 2022 13:51:06 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/usd-try-surges-to-new-2022-highs-after-530-p-m/
  • USD/TRY is advancing to new highs north of 5:00 PM.
  • The lira has depreciated by more than 30% since the start of the year.
  • The CBRT meets later in the week to decide on rates.

The Turkish lira falls to new lows against the greenback and pushes USD/TRY to new highs for the year around 17.3500 on Tuesday.

USD/TRY Strengthens Ahead of CBRT Event

The selling pressure around the Turkish currency is accelerating on Tuesday and is motivating USD/TRY to add to gains seen earlier in the week further north of the 17.00 mark.

The spot rise comes despite the proposed stance on the greenback and follows the usual concerns over the lira and the inability of the government and/or the Turkish central bank (CBRT) to fight inflation and restore somehow some credibility to the embattled currency.

On the latter, the CBRT meets Thursday amid consensus for another “pending” decision despite inflation at over 70% year-on-year in May.

Additionally, the lira depreciated by more than 30% and remains the worst emerging market performer so far this year. It should be remembered that the currency lost 44% against the US dollar in 2021.

What to look for around TRY

USD/TRY maintains the underlying bullish bias well and solidly and is now above the 17.00 mark, an area last traded in December 2021.

So far, the Turkish currency’s price action is expected to revolve around the performance of energy prices, general risk appetite trends, the Fed’s rate path and market developments. the war in Ukraine.

The additional risks TRY faces also come from the domestic backyard, as inflation shows no sign of abating, real interest rates remain anchored in negative numbers and political pressure to keep the CBRT tilted to the upside. low interest rates remain pervasive.

Main events in Turkey this week: Consumer Confidence (Wednesday) – CBRT Interest Rate Decision (Thursday) – Capacity Utilization, Manufacturer Confidence (Friday).

Significant problems on the rear boiler: Foreign exchange intervention by the CBRT. Progress (or lack thereof) of the new government program to support the lira via protected term deposits. Constant pressure from the government on the CBRT in relation to the credibility/independence of the bank. Geopolitical crises. Structural reforms. Upcoming presidential/parliamentary elections.

USD/TRY key levels

So far the pair is gaining 0.16% to 17.3433 and facing the next upside barrier at 17.3499 (21st June 2022 high) followed by 18.2582 (20th Dec all time high) then from 19.00 (round level). On the other hand, a break of 16.3136 (June 3rd monthly low) would target 16.1431 (May 27th low) and finally 15.6684 (May 23rd low).

Cityscape Qatar opens with spotlight on latest real estate projects https://otelmoni.com/cityscape-qatar-opens-with-spotlight-on-latest-real-estate-projects/ Tue, 21 Jun 2022 05:23:00 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/cityscape-qatar-opens-with-spotlight-on-latest-real-estate-projects/ The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, HE Sultan bin Rashid Al Khater, during his visit to the pavilions of Cityscape Qatar 2022, which opened yesterday at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. PIC: Salim Matramkot/The Peninsula

Doha: The 10th edition of Cityscape Qatar which opened yesterday under the patronage of Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani and inaugurated by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoCI) HE Sultan bin Rashid Al Khater, presents the latest real estate projects in Qatar and the region, and sheds light on the future of the real estate sector in the country after the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In a statement, the MoCI Undersecretary stressed that the three-day event represents an important platform showcasing the development witnessed by Qatar’s real estate sector, particularly in light of projected positive growth indicators from the national economy and the recovery of real estate markets in the coming period.

He also reiterated the crucial role played by the real estate sector in supporting the diversity and competitiveness of Qatar’s economy, as well as in achieving the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Al Khater added that Cityscape has become an important attraction for investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios, and went on to express his aspiration for the event to achieve tangible results, further cementing Qatar’s position as a ideal destination for real estate investment in the region.

More than 60 exhibitors from seven countries, including Qatar, Cyprus, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom, present their most important development projects during the exhibition at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.

Among the projects revealed on opening day was the Qetaifan Island North water park, with the developer announcing the name of the project at the show.

Qetaifan Business Development Manager Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al Thani said, “Over the next three days at Cityscape, we will be launching our Retail Plazas project. Alongside the launches, visitors will have the last chance to purchase the last remaining villa plots for sale before selling our latest projects entirely.”

Cityscape Talks conference sessions highlight sustainable, resilient, affordable and livable real estate projects in line with QNV 2030. Experts at the event also highlighted that the two real estate sectors most affected by the upcoming World Cup of FIFA, Qatar 2022 were the residential and hotel sectors.

“When we talk about the 2022 World Cup, we don’t see it as the end of everything for Qatar. Yes, it was a goal. Qatar used it to achieve a certain level of growth. They developed the infrastructure, they developed the majority of the real estate, and thanks to the World Cup, they will be on the map. That was one of the vehicles. And after the World Cup, there will be another vehicle Either it will be an industrial expansion or some other global event But the fact is that right now Qatar has the means, the opportunity and the ability to prepare for something else And the government has already stated that it is very proactive in supporting the real estate sector,” said Anum Hasan, Head of Research at Qatar ValuStrat.

Also speaking at the conference, Orjan Lundberg, sustainability expert at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, said: “We see that the FIFA World Cup has been and still is a catalyst national development on many fronts, including carbon incentives.

“Sustainability has been a central topic for this event right from the planning stage. The feedback we have received so far from FIFA indicates that this is the most comprehensive sustainability program they have had to date. However, we need the support of the broader real estate and hospitality sectors to help us achieve a big national sustainability push,” he added.

Other speakers at the event also discussed the digitalization of Qatar’s real estate sector, with a particular focus on the latest solutions developed by Doha-based Aqarco, as well as sustainable construction and how the market Qatar real estate could come after this year’s FIFA World Cup.

Cityscape Qatar 2022 also features leading developers in the region including Damac, Regal London Properties, Aqarco and Akam Developments. The industry is gearing up for a busy event season in Qatar with new projects offering investors state-of-the-art residential developments, commercial units and luxury hospitality projects.

Aqarco Chairman, Dr. Ahmad Al Khulaifi said, “Cityscape Qatar enables property developers, investors and potential customers to respond to and understand market demands as we approach a busy time for Qatar. “.

Cityscape Qatar is backed by platinum sponsors Qetaifan Projects and Aqarco.