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ISTANBUL (Reuters) – More and more Turks now believe an opposition alliance is better suited than President Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling AKP party (AKP) to end the economic turmoil that has engulfed their country, according to a series of opinion polls released this month.

Under pressure from Erdogan and despite high inflation, the central bank has cut interest rates by 500 basis points since September, triggering a currency crisis that saw the pound lira drop last month to 18.4 to one. dollar, its lowest level on record.

Inflation has peaked at 36% in 19 years, seriously eroding incomes, especially of working Turks and the lower middle class who form the electoral base of the Islamist-born AKP.

The government has introduced fiscal measures to ease the currency’s volatility, but the pound is still 46% weaker than a year ago and Erdogan, who wants to boost exports and credit, has refused to change course despite growing public discontent.

Political cartoons about world leaders

Metropoll Research polls show Erdogan’s approval rating, who has ruled Turkey for 19 years and faces elections by mid-2023, is lowest since 2015, at 38.6% . His popularity is lower than that of three potential presidential rivals, they show.

A poll by the Sosyo Politik Field Research Center puts support for the AKP at 27%, compared with 37% who said they voted for the party in the last parliamentary elections in 2018. AKP’s nationalist ally in parliament, the MHP, was at 6.3%, against 7.3% who said they voted for the party in 2018.

The main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) had 22.9% support and its ally IYI 10.3%, while the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) had 9.4%. Over 11% were undecided.

An ORC Research poll conducted last week showed support for AKP-MHP to be 38.7%, lagging behind CHP-IYI by 39.5%. Support stood at 8.4% for the HDP, which informally backed the opposition coalition in the 2019 municipal elections which saw the AKP lose control of Istanbul and Ankara, the most major cities of Turkey.

About two-thirds of those polled told Sosyo Politik that the economy was Turkey’s biggest problem. More than half said recent government measures would not improve the economy.

A second Metropoll survey showed that 36.7% believed that the opposition coalition was best placed to manage the economy compared to 35.4% for the AKP-MHP.

Around 38% of those polled said they admire Erdogan – who received over 52% in the 2018 presidential election – while the mayor of Ankara Mansur Yavas and the mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu, both of the CHP, obtained 60% and 51% respectively.

IYI party leader Meral Aksener was at 38.5%.

(Reporting by Ali Kucukgocmen; Editing by Jonathan Spicer and Gareth Jones)

Copyright 2022 Thomson Reuters.

Corporate Deposits Included in Turkish Lira Protection Regime https://otelmoni.com/corporate-deposits-included-in-turkish-lira-protection-regime/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 06:51:00 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/corporate-deposits-included-in-turkish-lira-protection-regime/

Turkey has included companies’ currency and gold deposit accounts converted to Turkish lira in a program that protects local currency savings against exchange rate volatility, the Official Gazette said on Tuesday.

Dollars, euros, pounds or gold in companies’ deposit accounts at the end of 2021 could be converted to lira deposits with a maturity of six months to one year to be included in the scheme, the Gazette said.

The program, announced in December, encourages savers to convert their deposits into foreign currency and support the lire. It covers the difference if the variation in the exchange rate applicable at the end of the term is greater than the sum of the principal and the yield.

The program to protect the pound’s deposits from currency volatility followed the fall of the pound after the country’s central bank cut its policy rate by 500 basis points to 14% from 19% since September. It will hold its next rate-setting meeting on January 20.

The lira fell to a record high of 18.4 against the US dollar in December before rebounding strongly last week after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the initiative.

The program effectively ties the value of new special deposits to the dollar by promising to offset losses incurred as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.

The initiative had reversed the fluctuations of the pound and triggered a historic 50% increase in the value of the currency during the week to December 24.

The volume of forex-protected deposits under this program has increased to TL 91.5 billion, Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati said last week.

Constant and virulent opponent of high interest rates, Erdoğan has supported an economic model based on lower borrowing costs, which he believes will boost production, investment, employment and, ultimately, growth. .

The government, regulators and banking associations have all adopted the new policy direction.

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Customs enforcement teams seized Lit 7.7 billion in contraband goods last year https://otelmoni.com/customs-enforcement-teams-seized-lit-7-7-billion-in-contraband-goods-last-year/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 16:34:19 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/customs-enforcement-teams-seized-lit-7-7-billion-in-contraband-goods-last-year/

Trade Minister Mehmet Muş said they smuggled 2021 billion TL 76 million in smuggled goods in 7, an increase of 749% from the previous year, and said: “ A significant portion of the contraband that we have seized consists of narcotics. .” noted.

In his speech at the “2021 anti-smuggling assessment meeting” held at the ministry’s command and control center, Muş said that they had continued their anti-smuggling activities without slow down last year.

Stressing that despite the negative effects of the epidemic conditions in Kovid-19, customs enforcement teams and all relevant ministry staff continue to work with great sacrifices across the country, especially at border crossings, Muş said: “In fact, thanks to the work that continues throughout the year without slowing down, it is 76% compared to the previous year. With an increase of 7 billion 749 million Turkish liras, we have seized illegal goods. Drugs are a significant part of these contraband items that we have seized. In 2021, we have achieved great success in preventing the entry of cocaine, heroin, liquid heroin, methamphetamine and captagon into our country. In 2021, a total of 10.8 tonnes of narcotic substances were seized by our customs control teams. While we seized over 2 tonnes of cocaine and heroin, one of the narcotics we seized last year, our seizures of captagon exceeded 1.5 tonnes, while our seizures of marijuana and khat each exceeded 1 tonne. he said.

Recalling that 1.7 tons of cocaine were seized from containers loaded with bananas at a port in Mersin, and 6.2 million captagon drugs were seized between building stones in Iskenderun, Muş said: “However, 469 , 2 kilograms of drug-type khat were seized in Istanbul. The seizure of drugs was also part of our remarkable operations in this field in our country. Three of our large-scale drug seizures in 2021 took place at the Gürbulak customs post. During operations at this site on various dates, 3 kilograms of heroin, 808 kilograms of liquid heroin and 462 kilograms of methamphetamine-based drugs were seized. used the sentences.

Claiming to have achieved significant successes in this area by resolutely bypassing attempts to smuggle commercial goods with the work carried out throughout the year, Muş said he seized 2021 million packs of cigarettes and 3.7 million of buttons used in the production of illegal products. cigarettes in operations in 26.1. Noting that they seized a total of 52.7 thousand liters of alcoholic beverages and 1778 tons of fuel oil, Muş said that 5 thousand 895 kilograms of honey, 1 million 684 thousand auto spare parts and 265 tons of tea are among the products. sales representatives seized in 2021.

“Our effective fight against fuel smuggling will continue with determination”

Stressing that the fight against fuel smuggling continues with the effective contribution of all the institutions concerned, Muş continued as follows:

“In 2021, as a result of surveys carried out by the fuel task force across the country and studies of 930 companies considered to be at risk, it was determined that 14 billion lire of false invoices were issued and approximately 5.5 billion lire of public losses were caused. Our effective fight against fuel smuggling will continue with determination. Those who engage in such illegal activities will be detected by our customs enforcement teams, regardless of the methods they use. Our ministry strictly pursues its efforts to fight contraband at our customs and border posts. “

“We will produce with national and national resources”

Emphasizing that they will implement the vehicle and container scanning systems that can be produced by a limited number of countries in the world with the MIL-TAR project, which is carried out in collaboration with the Presidency of the Presidency of the defense industry and will be completed in the first half of this year, with national and national means, Muş said that with the digitization network project carried out with TÜBİTAK, vehicle and container X-ray scanning systems will be implemented. He said they would check the images obtained from the scanning systems in different customs administrations and at the command and control center and detect the changes with artificial intelligence.

Muş explained that with Project Guard, which has reached the final stage of its work, they will analyze data from the ministry’s databases with artificial intelligence and use it effectively in our anti-smuggling activities.

Sharing the information that they will increase the number of vehicle and container x-ray scanning systems, which reached 74 last year, with new purchases and installations, said Muş: “We also use our systems for scanning. passenger imagery, which is produced entirely with domestic facilities. , in customs areas, which remotely detect illegal substances hidden in passengers’ clothes.

Dogs will also be used for live research

Stating that they attach great importance to the facilities of international standards used in the fight against smuggling, Muş drew attention to the fact that the Command and Control Center is at the center of the fight against smuggling. Stating that they monitor land, sea and air traffic in this 7/24 center, Muş noted that they make operational decisions as a result of the analyzes and coordinate the operations of the provincial administrations.

Emphasizing the importance of the Dog Training Center, Muş said that this year they have added local breeds to the detector dogs trained in different branches of this center. Stating that the local breed dogs, which they began to nurture carefully when they were still puppies, have started serving in the organization for the first time this year, Muş said: “We will be using them soon. dogs bred to fight immigrant trafficking as live search dogs, ”he said.

“We have signed 11 international operations”

Emphasizing that they attach great importance to national and international cooperation in anti-smuggling activities carried out without interruption with all technical devices and installations used by expert personnel, Muş said that they are working in harmony with all stakeholders in this field and that they carry out joint operations by collaborating at the highest level.

In this context, Muş pointed out that they had quickly assessed around 136 notices and appeals sent to them through various channels, in particular the ‘Hello 9’ whistleblower line, and said: ‘We have conducted 11 international operations in the framework of instantaneous exchanges of intelligence information. ” noted.

Noting that the “Ship Search”, “Marine Patrol” and “Container Control” teams working in seas and ports have successfully completed their anti-smuggling tasks, Muş said that Narko-Kims, the X-ray operators and detector dog managers will close 2021 with major drug seizure records. He said he made a great contribution.

“We will not allow those who try to trade illegally”

Muş said: “Last year, 6 million passengers, 74.5 million containers, 7.7 thousand planes, 474 thousand ships, 85 million trucks and 4.4 million passenger vehicles, with around 2, 6 thousand customs officers, including expert teams, customs control. We have completed the process. shared his knowledge.

Emphasizing that while facilitating legal trade in 2022, they will not allow illegal trade, Muş said, “We will continue our struggle in this area with determination. As part of the fight against smuggling, we will never allow those who attempt to engage in illegal trade using the full potential of technology to the fullest. noted.

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire sues over COVID-19 funds for entertainment venues https://otelmoni.com/pennsylvania-renaissance-faire-sues-over-covid-19-funds-for-entertainment-venues/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 10:01:04 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/pennsylvania-renaissance-faire-sues-over-covid-19-funds-for-entertainment-venues/

The pandemic has wreaked financial havoc on many businesses, including a popular Elizabethan festival that brings together 200,000 revelers in the Lancaster area for weekends of beer tasting, jousting and honoring the Queen.

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Outdoor Faire – which claims its revenues have fallen more than 70% at one point in 2020 – is suing the US Small Business Administration for its denial of $ 5.8 million in disaster relief funds. pandemic. Ren Faire, as it’s known, says the federal agency hasn’t given a reason for the denial and is asking a Philadelphia federal judge to award her the kingdom coin she thinks she deserves.

READ MORE: Lady Bud Knight of Philly Goes to Comic-Con, Tells Bud Light’s Story

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on Ren Faire,” says the lawsuit, which is seeking a judge to allocate the relief funds. The firm’s attorney said Ren Faire wouldn’t comment beyond what’s in the costume.

The US government has thrown a lifeline for businesses in the event of a pandemic through the Paycheck Protection Program. A smaller rescue package was the Law on Economic Aid for Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Hard-Hit Venues, with $ 16.2 billion in grants to live event operators, producers. theater, museums, zoos, aquariums and comedy clubs.

The federal agency distributed $ 420 million of these grants to organizations in Pennsylvania, about a third of which went to groups in Philadelphia, such as $ 8 million for the Franklin Institute and $ 3.4 million for the Please Touch. Museum. The maximum grant under federal law was $ 10 million. The smaller Philly recipients included $ 225,055 for the Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, $ 701,226 for FringeArts and $ 34,649 for Jeanne Ruddy Dancers Inc., SBA data show.

READ MORE: Pennsylvania Ballet’s Latest Virtual Performance Is Almost Like Being There

The Ren Faire in Manheim is part of a larger corporate umbrella that includes the Celtic Fling & Highland Games, the Blues Festival, the Fabulous Fifties Revival and the Country Jam. The company needs the grant for the reason the federal government created the program: “to help eligible live entertainment companies like Ren Faire recover from the major setbacks they have suffered as a result of the pandemic.” », Indicates the trial.

The lawsuit says Ren Faire’s 2020 revenue fell 47% in the second quarter and 72% in the third quarter – a popular time for the fair.

The SBA did not respond to comments.

Fairs are a small corner of the entertainment industry. Participants enjoy escaping from another era, dressing up in costume, and the mostly family-themed Queen Elizabeth entertainment. The Renlist website features 145 fairs, mostly Renaissance fairs but also some with pirate themes, for 2022 across the United States. Some fairs, which operate with a group of local or street vendors, attract tens of thousands of attendees. At its peak, Renaissance Magazine had a circulation of 35,000 copies. It recently ceased to appear after 24 years.

Daniel Kostelec, 41, who does Shakespeare-themed improvisational shows that he describes as cartoonish at Renaissance fairs across the country, said 2020 was difficult as many fairs have closed. “A lot of us were trying to navigate the unemployment system,” Kostelec said. Some have left the company. “I know someone who sells real estate,” he said.

Conditions improved in 2021, although performers and festival-goers wore masks that interrupted interactions and fun times, said Kostelec, who performs as Shakespeare Approves.

Michael Ulrich, who says he is the photographer for Ren Faire, said Ren Faire opened in 2020, but its audience was far below normal.

Ulrich said attendance rebounded in 2021, but still had a cap.

“A lot of people won’t be driving from Lebanon or Lancaster to work part-time at a burger stand or turkey leg stand,” Ulrich said. “It’s like a community theater trying to get funds.

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Kazakhstan: Spotlight on the link between Turkish radicals and Afghan-Pakistani ultras https://otelmoni.com/kazakhstan-spotlight-on-the-link-between-turkish-radicals-and-afghan-pakistani-ultras/ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 17:51:00 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/kazakhstan-spotlight-on-the-link-between-turkish-radicals-and-afghan-pakistani-ultras/ The role of Turkish radicals and their links with extremists based in the Af-Pak region have been examined for their alleged role in fueling riots and terrorist attacks in Kazakhstan.

Turkey has been an economic player and investor in Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, for decades and radicals from Turkey may have encroached on the landlocked region, Eurasian security agencies suspect. The role of these radicals in the current crisis in Kazakhstan and their links with extremists and radicals in the region of Afghanistan and Pakistan who allegedly played a role in the terrorist attacks are being probed by security establishments. , learned ET.

Turkey, which is a close ally of Pakistan, has been accused by critics of supporting radical views in West Asia, North Africa and Turkey’s extended neighborhood under Erdogan’s rule in recent years. .

Vladimir Avatkov, a lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry and a well-known Turkologist, told local media in Moscow that Turkey has been very cautious and cautious in its reaction to developments in Kazakhstan, which should explain his position. Turkey wanted Kazakhstan to adopt Turkish traditions and customs and was not satisfied with the rise of current Kazakh President Kassym Jomart Tokayev, who has close ties with Moscow, according to Avatkov. Turkey was expected to make strong statements in favor of Kazakhstan.

To date, two Kazakh servicemen have been killed and more than 160 injured in the terrorist attacks, ET has learned. The Kazakh government continues its counterterrorism operations and the leaders of the security czars have complained that they did not anticipate the situation described as efforts to change regime in the oil and uranium-rich republic. Senior Kazakh officials told ET that the country was under armed aggression by well-coordinated and trained terrorist groups abroad.

The inflation rate in the United States is likely to rise again: Eco Week https://otelmoni.com/the-inflation-rate-in-the-united-states-is-likely-to-rise-again-eco-week/ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 11:02:11 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/the-inflation-rate-in-the-united-states-is-likely-to-rise-again-eco-week/

Content of the article

(Bloomberg) – Sign up for the New Economy Daily newsletter, follow us @economics and subscribe to our podcast.

U.S. inflation has likely reached its fastest level in four decades, leading to a shift in the Federal Reserve’s approach to monetary policy as well as greater consumer concern about the economy.

The widely followed consumer price index on Wednesday is expected to rise 7.0% for the year through December and 0.4% from the previous month. The next day, another report from the Ministry of Labor is expected to show prices paid to producers jumped nearly 10% in 2021. Retail sales and industrial production reports for December arrive on Friday.


Content of the article

The surge in inflation shows why US officials are bracing for faster-than-expected monetary policy normalization. Added to this is evidence of a tight labor market, including rising wages and falling unemployment in Friday’s data.

Fed watchers may have more specifics in the coming week as to whether the interest rate take-off could take place as early as March and when the central bank begins to reduce its balance sheet by $ 8.8 trillion. .

For more information, read the full upcoming week of Bloomberg Economics for the United States.

President Jerome Powell testified Tuesday before the Senate Banking Committee on his appointment for a second four-year term. Two days later, Fed Governor Lael Brainard appears before the same panel in a hearing to confirm his elevation to vice president. Other Fed officials who will speak include Loretta Mester, Esther George, Charles Evans and James Bullard.


Content of the article

What Bloomberg Economics Says:

“With the unemployment rate falling below the median estimate of the long-term neutral rate by the FOMC participant and wages rising rapidly, this employment report will likely alleviate lingering doubts on the part of the more accommodating members of the FOMC. “

–Anna Wong and Andrew Husby. For the full report, click here

Elsewhere, inflation data could show Chinese price pressures easing, Germany will give an indication of its growth in the last quarter of 2021, and South Korea and Romania are expected to continue to tighten monetary policies.

Click here to find out what happened over the past week and here’s our recap of what’s happening in the global economy.


Sri Lanka hosts a visit from Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi this weekend as the country questions whether it might need to seek help from the International Monetary Fund or Beijing as its foreign exchange reserves are depleted. weak.


Content of the article

South Korea’s employment figures precede the Bank of Korea’s interest rate decision on Friday, with some economists now predicting a back-to-back hike from Governor Lee Ju-Yeol.

China is releasing midweek price data that may offer more evidence that inflation pressure has peaked there at the moment. In contrast, Indian inflation is expected to pick up again.

China’s trade figures at the end of the week are expected to show a new annual export record as Beijing sticks to a Covid-zero strategy that keeps its factories open, benefiting from recovering global demand. The Bank of Japan gives its assessment of the health of the country’s local economies ahead of a policy meeting the following week.

To learn more, read the full upcoming week for Asia from Bloomberg Economics.


Content of the article

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Joachim Nagel’s first full week as President of the German Bundesbank will be marked by a virtual handover event on Tuesday featuring his predecessor, Jens Weidmann, Finance Minister Christian Lindner and European Central Bank President Christine The guard.

Meanwhile, on Friday, an official German growth estimate for 2021 will offer the first indication in the Group of Seven of an expansion for the fourth quarter, after news of an unexpected drop in industrial production in this country in November. The impact of this drop on overall industrial production in the eurozone will be visible in Wednesday’s data.

Friday will also be a highlight in the UK, where monthly gross domestic product and industrial data for November will be released, likely showing a fourth consecutive increase.


Content of the article

Inflation in the eurozone remains a hot topic after a surprise acceleration reported on Friday. Isabel Schnabel, member of the ECB’s executive board, said on Saturday that the continent’s green energy transition could mean that “inflation will stay higher for longer”.

Eastern Europe will be a hot spot for monetary policy action. Romania’s central bank is expected to raise interest rates on Monday, while decisions are also expected Thursday in Serbia and Hungary.

Ghana’s figures due Wednesday are expected to show inflation accelerated to 12.5% ​​in December, surpassing the top of the central bank’s 6% to 10% target range for a fourth month. Even so, authorities may not raise rates until they see whether the 100 basis point increase in November stops inflation.


Content of the article

Turkey’s current account data on Tuesday is expected to show a shift to a deficit in November in the absence of a significant boost from tourism. Turkey posted a surplus for three months before November thanks to a jump in trade and the services balance.

To learn more, read the full upcoming week of Bloomberg Economics for the EMEA.

Latin America

Mexican industrial production figures for November, released on Tuesday, could add to the evidence that Latin America’s second-largest economy is slipping into a recession.

December’s reading on consumer prices in Brazil should broadly show that inflation has peaked and ended 2021 slightly below the central central bank forecast of 10.2%. The return to the target will not happen before the third quarter of 2023 at the earliest, now forecasts the bank.


Content of the article

The Mexican labor market is on the rise, although it remains below pre-pandemic levels. Continuing weakness in services employment is likely to weigh on December’s formal employment data released on Wednesday. In Brazil, the services sector is also struggling and November data due Thursday will likely show a slowdown in activity for a sixth month.

Look for Argentina’s consumer price report for December Thursday to show a slight easing from November’s 51.2% pace. The 2022 inflation path will owe a lot to the timing of a new loan agreement with the IMF that sets targets on public spending and debt.

Inflation, rising interest rates and high household debt have soured Brazilian consumers’ sentiment. Buyers sidelined have many analysts looking for a fourth month of negative impressions in retail data released on Friday.

For more information, read the full upcoming week of Bloomberg Economics for Latin America.

© 2022 Bloomberg LP




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Latest real estate news on Tasinmazhaber.Com https://otelmoni.com/latest-real-estate-news-on-tasinmazhaber-com/ Sat, 08 Jan 2022 01:08:10 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/latest-real-estate-news-on-tasinmazhaber-com/

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Arrival of the 1st batch of attack helicopters from Turkey https://otelmoni.com/arrival-of-the-1st-batch-of-attack-helicopters-from-turkey/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 21:48:00 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/arrival-of-the-1st-batch-of-attack-helicopters-from-turkey/


After a series of delays, an official from Turkish Aerospace Inc. (TAI) confirmed that the first batch of six T129B helicopters purchased by the Turkish government will finally arrive in the Philippines.

TAI chief executive Temel Kotil said the first two T129Bs will be delivered on Saturday.

The first batch was to be delivered in December. Arsenio Andolong, spokesperson for the Department of National Defense (DND), had previously said the next two units would be delivered in 2023 and the last two in 2024.

Once commissioned, the helicopters will be assigned to the 15th Strike Wing of the Philippine Air Force.

In July 2020, DND signed a contract to acquire six T129B helicopters from TAI for 13.7 billion pesos, as part of a government-to-government agreement with the Turkish Defense Ministry.

The T129B is a Turkish derivative of the Italian-designed AgustaWestland A129 Mangusta, but equipped with systems and weapons developed by Turkey. —Dexter Cabalza

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Hot Air Heaters Market Forecast to 2028 https://otelmoni.com/hot-air-heaters-market-forecast-to-2028/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 15:10:00 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/hot-air-heaters-market-forecast-to-2028/

The global combustion air heater market is expected to grow from US $ 491.73 million in 2021 to US $ 692.24 million by 2028; it is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 5.0% from 2021 to 2028. Governments of various economies are taking several measures to attract private investment in oil and gas development.

New York, January 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Reportlinker.com announces the publication of the report “Hot Air Heating Equipment Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis by Type and End User” – https: // www.reportlinker.com/p06195590/?utm_source=GNW
The Adana refinery and petrochemical complex in Turkey, for example, aims to reduce dependence on imports in the energy, mining, refining and petrochemicals sectors.

The project is currently at the feasibility stage, with a US $ 10 billion investment from a Turkish heritage fund disclosed in December of last year. The expropriation of a 10 million square meter block of land for the planned facilities is the first step.

It will be built in Ceyhan, Turkey, which is considered a hub for petrochemicals. It is expected to contribute about US $ 1.5 billion per year to Turkey’s trade deficit, reducing its annual cost of importing petrochemicals by US $ 13 billion. A wealth of potential has unfolded as African governments open up development prospects and companies invest heavily in new areas. The Gas Revolution Industrial Park (GRIP), a downstream refinery and petrochemical complex in Nigeria’s delta region, has been under construction for a long time. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) owns the entire complex, containing several new chemical plants that would use Nigeria’s abundant natural gas as feedstock. GRIP was declared a free zone because it is a government-owned project, allowing for faster planning and access to a wider range of resources.

The air heater is used in air conditioning for processing and finishing applications such as paint curing, material drying and others which is expected to drive the growth of the air heater market. These unit heaters are inexpensive to build, maintain, and operate relative to other types of furnaces, fueling market growth.

The wide range of hot air heater applications among end users such as chemicals, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, warehouse and others is expected to drive the heater market hot air.

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hot air heating appliance market

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the world and continues to disrupt several countries.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 epidemic has decimated the demand for combustion air heaters in different industries globally, reflecting significantly lower order volumes among aircraft manufacturers, resulting in a decline in the number of productions. The decline in production volumes had a negative impact on the activities of various manufacturers of components and related technologies.

In addition, the weakening of end users such as the construction, automotive and mining industries has demotivated the market. Thus, the activities of the players in the hot air heaters market have been seriously affected by the destabilization of production.

As the COVID-19 virus spread, the entire construction industry came to a halt with minimal resources to plan for the future. Several production units in the United States, France, Russia and China have been temporarily suspended to comply with government rules regarding lockdown and physical distancing. The players in the construction sector have recorded a drop of 20 to 30% in the demand for new projects. In addition, the cessation of ongoing construction projects has further weakened the market. This factor has negatively impacted the hot air heaters market.

The overall market size for Hot Air Heaters has been derived using primary and secondary sources. To begin the research process, a comprehensive secondary research was conducted using internal and external sources to obtain qualitative and quantitative information related to the market.

The process is also used to get an overview and forecast of the Hot Air Heaters market with respect to all segments. , Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America.

In addition, primary interviews were conducted with participants and industry commentators to validate the data and gain more analytical insight on the topic. Participants in this process include industry experts such as vice presidents, business development managers, market intelligence managers and national sales managers, as well as external consultants such as valuation experts, research analysts and key opinion leaders specializing in the hot air heater market.

Major players operating in the market include Allmand Bros., Inc. (Briggs & Stratton); Exotherm Company; Pirobloc, SA; Hastings CVC; Wacker Neuson SE; Zeeco, Inc .; Stelter & Brinck, Ltd .; and Dynamic Thermal.
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Turkey revises citizenship conditions in order to support the lire https://otelmoni.com/turkey-revises-citizenship-conditions-in-order-to-support-the-lire/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 12:19:06 +0000 https://otelmoni.com/turkey-revises-citizenship-conditions-in-order-to-support-the-lire/

The Turkish government has updated its regulations which grant citizenship to foreigners in exchange for a certain amount of investment or the acquisition of real estate, in the last step of authorities’ efforts to support the Turkish lira.

Foreigners can become citizens if they own real estate worth at least $ 250,000 for three years or if they make an investment of at least $ 500,000 or hold Turkish debt of an equivalent amount. during three years.

Foreign currency obtained from the sale of the property to foreigners will now be sold to the central bank through a local bank and converted to lire, according to the new regulations, published in the Official Gazette on Thursday.

The amount that foreigners keep in a local bank for investment purposes will also be converted into local currency, he said. The regulations require that the money be held in lira deposits or government debt securities and must remain in the country for at least three years.

In addition, the minimum amount of investment required to acquire citizenship has been defined as the dollar equivalent of another foreign currency.

The regulatory update comes after the pound fell after the central bank cut its policy rate by 500 basis points to 14% from 19% since September.

The currency fell to a record high of 18.4 per dollar last month, before seeing a massive rebound after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unveiled a deposit system that offers to compensate savers for losses suffered due to depreciation during the term of the deposit.

The latest app aims to prevent and reverse the trend of dollarization in the country, said Ömer Faruk Akbal, president of the Real Estate International Promotion Association (GIGDER).

“This is the right decision in terms of strengthening the Turkish lira,” Akbal told the Dünya business daily.

Still, he said serious preparations need to be made regarding the principles of application. “We expect that foreign investors who have Turkish lira in their hands will have no obstacle to taking advantage of the relevant law and that the question of how they should carry out their investments will be clarified with circulars. or directives to be prepared by the competent institutions. . “

“We export $ 19 million worth of real estate every day. Therefore, there should be no loopholes in the process, ”he noted.

Those eligible for citizenship include foreigners who, according to the Ministry of Industry and Technology, have invested at least $ 500,000 in the country or have spent at least $ 250,000 on the property and held that property for at least $ 500,000. at least three years.

It also includes foreigners determined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to employ at least 50 people, those who have deposited at least $ 500,000 in Turkish banks and kept there for at least three years, those who have purchased and kept for three years at least $ 500,000 in government debt, or those who have made a purchase of venture capital or real estate funds of at least $ 500,000.

Ankara adopted the Household Citizenship Program in 2017. A year later, it reduced the minimum price to $ 250,000, from $ 1 million, to attract foreign buyers.

Some 7,000 foreigners obtained citizenship through the purchase of homes between 2017 and 2020, the government announced last year.

Foreign home sales – mainly to Iranians, Iraqis, Russians and Afghans – hit a record monthly level in November, official data showed, also taking 11-month sales to their highest level on record, the depreciation of the pound having made Turkish property. more attractive to foreign buyers.

Sales to foreign buyers jumped 48.4% year-on-year in November, and the 7,363 properties sold marked the highest monthly level since the data series began in 2013.

Sales to overseas were strong throughout the year, increasing 39.4% in the first 11 months to 50,735 units, exceeding the annual threshold of 50,000 for the first time.

The industry is estimated to have completed 2021 at a level of up to 57,000 units. The previous annual record was set in 2019, when 45,483 homes were sold to foreigners.

Last year, net foreign investment in real estate stood at $ 5.7 billion, according to central bank data.

They had purchased around 40,812 homes throughout 2020, a 10.3% year-over-year decline from 45,483 units in 2019. This is still the second-highest annual figure on record. checked in.

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