$ 200 Million Price Tag Announced for Texas Iconic 80,000 Acre Turkey Ranch – International Market Launch. Agricultural credit lenders solicited to subscribe and finance. | Texas News

The historic sale includes oil and gas revenues from mining interests. Wind and Solar Power Opportunity for Renewable Energy – Characteristic of Prolific Water Assets The 120-year-old Family Legacy Ranch is the last of Texas’ great heirlooms.

DALLAS, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Following the May 2021 declaration of owners’ intention to sell, Icon Global Group today announced the official launch of the international marketing campaign, disclosing the public list price of USD $ 200 million, while simultaneously publishing a first of its kind Official launch video, the latest in a series of already cinematically produced theatrical-style trailer trilogies. (Icon Global Flying the Turkey Track Turkey Track World Overview).

Capital Farm Credit, which is part of the National Farm Credit System, is able to secure and finance the property as part of the upcoming sale process. “Our assessment and loan team recently toured the ranch by land and air, unanimously stating that its wildlife, livestock and resource diversification were best in class,” said Phil peabody, Director of Loans at Capital Farm Credit.

“After visiting the ranch for the first time, I am convinced that it is one of the Texas’ most top notch ranches, “added Mickey nixon, a leading assessor of Capital Farm Credit. “Its value is unique in many ways. Ranches of this size with a legacy of responsible stewardship, abundant water resources, exceptional recreational potential, and historical significance are rare and rarely offered for sale.

The offering includes a 40% interest in mining property and revenues from a number of existing oil and gas wells, as well as additional development potential for others. Wind and solar rights will also cede, along with all domestic agricultural and water assets. Operating equipment and intellectual property, name and brand are included in the sale.

Bernard Uechtritz of Icon said: “I and the Icon Global team are proud to represent this exceptional family in selling their exceptional ranch for the first time in history and finding the next steward.

In fact, we had early offers and more good prospects with scheduled tours. State, national and international interest has been strong.

As in the marketing of WT Wagoner Ranch for a record $ 725 million list price a few years ago, I did not evaluate the Turkey Track in the usual and conventional manner, that is, on a per acre basis of comparable sale value; subsequently, due to its large size, as do most ranches and their traditionalist brokers. Conversely, we instead rated this property because of its unique desirability, singular and unique attributes and rarity, as well as value added factors that many other ranches cannot. The size in my book is always an added value, not a discount. There is no other like this in Texas, and there never will be. Therefore, it is incomparable.

This ranch is self-contained and sits above anything listed, sold, or currently under contract. He is simply the One of One, and perhaps the last of the great. Once it is sold, it is likely to be held for another 120 years.

In terms of water and natural resources and as a true working ranch for livestock and wildlife habitat, in my opinion the Turkey Track is the top pick in the state and indeed the plains of South of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Any real cowboy, rancher, conservationist, or seasoned broker who has actually seen the ranch will share this opinion.

Water is life and all kinds of means to live, and the Turkey Track is full of water assets. More than any other ranch I’ve been to. Seven streams and several reservoirs, springs, irrigated basements and lakes, all leading to some twenty-six miles of high value and the coveted limit of the Canadian river.

Beyond and before its obvious value-added components of water, oil and renewable energy resources, lies its story…. Long before it became a ranch, it was already recognized as fertile, life-sustaining and sacred ground, as evidenced by Native Americans, early settlers, and soldiers, such as Kit Carson, who all competed to occupy its grassy plains and water resources, in Adobe Walls’ two well-recorded historical battles of 1864 and 1874. History is not something you can buy off the shelf and on which we cling. Either you have it or you don’t, ”he said.

“We took an unconventional approach to an unparalleled opportunity for a one-of-a-kind ranch in pricing and marketing.

Our story through an exceptional and revolutionary style of video marketing, presents this ranch, its values, its authentic history and its operations like no other. It is rightly dedicated to this family and its great heritage. I am proud to have set a new bar in this marketing achievement. “

About Capital Financement agricole

For more than 100 years, Capital Farm Credit has supported rural communities and agriculture with reliable and consistent financial and credit services. Capital Farm Credit is a proud member of the farm credit system and serves over 21,500 members, with outstanding loans totaling over $ 9 billion. Based at Bryan, Texas, Capital Farm Credit has offices serving 192 Texas’ 254 counties.

About Icon Global

Icon Global designs and implements strategic and tactical marketing and sales campaigns for unique and upscale properties on a global scale. The company was founded by Bernard Uechtritz, an international real estate negotiator and advisor. The Australian native notably led the global marketing and sales of the 535,000-acre WT Wagoner Ranch in Vernon, Texas. Registered at $ 725 million. The largest ranch in North America under a contiguous fence, in a world record sale that is still being held today. Icon Global is an independent, globally connected, full-service brokerage firm.

About Turkey Track Ranch

The historic “Prix of the Panhandle” is the legacy of the Coble / Whittenburg Empire. Known for its natural resources and the site of the Adobe Walls Battles of 1864 and 1874 – The decision to sell comes after twelve decades of stewardship.

The Turkey Track Ranch was started during the days of the legendary WT Wagoner, 6666 and Goodnight ranches. Boasting nearly 80,000 acres under a single fence and some 26 miles of frontage on the Canadian River, the ranch is a rare confluence of natural resources; containing an abundance of water, productive fertile grasslands and diverse wildlife – set in a hilly and rugged topography of mesas, valleys, valleys and vistas interspersed with open courses – embodying the western ranch way of life and the famous fertile buffalo plains of yesteryear.

Family declaration

“It is with careful consideration and great emotion that we announce that after 120 years of management by our family, we have decided to sell our historic Turkey Track Ranch in the Texas panhandle. For more than a century, this American monument has been an integral part of our heritage. Generations of Cobles and Whittenburg have created lifetimes of memories on the Turkey Track. We have hired Bernard Uechtritz from the Icon Global group in Dallas to bring the Turkey Track to market in the second half of 2021. The ranch not only has and will forever preserve the monuments, memories and legacies of our now multigenerational families, but, significantly, retains a very important place in the well-related chapters at the start Texas and the history of the United States; Likewise, the ranch and its former stewards hold a proud and recognized position of contributions to the evolution of the modern ranching and ranching industries, as well as the oil and gas sectors of our great state. “- The Coble & Whittenburg family


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